"RC Utility is an extremely competent company and has always done exceptional work. They are versatile, reliable, performing various building entrances and large fiber builds, as well as splicing and total turn key operations. All of this work and any other special projects I have requested are always done in a timely, professional, and efficient manner.

Robert Cornine is extremely intelligent, hardworking and loyal. He has the skill to anticipate situations that can arise during the course of construction, he has the experience to provide solutions that will work. Based on his performance working with me, I am certain he would perform the same quality work that has made him such an asset, and would be for any other company that is wise enough to employ his company."

Guido A. Aguillard
Outside Plant Engineer

"R C Utility Corporation is a professional construction company that Level(3) Communications has been working with over the last (10) ten calendar years. Presently, Level(3) Communications has a contract with R C Utility Corporation to provide emergency restoration and preventive maintenance services in the Denver metropolitan area. These services are in addition to a majority of the Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP) construction builds that take place in the Colorado market that are awarded to R C Utility Corporation.  

Level(3) Communications has relied upon R C Utility Corporation to provide a turn key solution to manage its ISP and OSP construction builds. Therefore, R C Utility Corporation provides the following services: initial project site walks, engineering, permitting submittals, utility potholing, construction builds (no sub-contracting), material management, fiber splicing and bi-directional testing to complete a project from start to finish without any scheduling hiccups.  

Level(3) Communications looks forward to nurturing this relationship on future and on-going ISP and OSP construction projects."

Rick Benge
Outside Plant (OSP) Engineer